remittances fuel solar energy

A couple of months ago, digging out my French, reading Tamar Ben Jelloun’s beautiful Partir on the way, I headed to Haiti to document a project of the MIF together with my colleague and friend Jimmy Chalk (browse through his other work here). I have posted some of my pictures, and the video is now ready.

About the life of the development community in Haiti has been written a lot (lately my colleague Nara, and Nora Schenkel). During the week in Haiti I peeled off only a few of the so many layers of life and culture of these proud people. Too few to talk, and form an opinion. But I can say that I loved the freshly painted, colorful walls of hair salons, the braids of school kids, the solar-powered street lights, the Kreol radio transmission of the Champions League semifinals – problem, problem, problem – and the people crowding around the tv’s at the market. But I couldn’t close my eyes observing that everything was being sold in the streets out of necessity, loose medicaments, cloths, pieces of fruit, the need for SUV’s to drive the streets, and no lightening up at night. So much potential, and a long way to go.

Working in Haiti was challenging, but also very gratifying thanks to the wonderful people that supported the little project, and with whom I could work with, Claud, our translator from Kreol to English, to the staff at SogeXpress, who were incredibly helpful in every little detail, of course our project partners at ArcFinance, especially Yara, and last but not least the stars of the film.

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