My Tie

Today, I wanted to share with you my tie. Now, why would I do that? First, to tell you that I have to wear these kinds of things now.

But secondly, because I remembered the story of this tie:

Once upon a time in the very far west, together with my friend Jean-Yves we picked up some donations in La Jolla, San Diego. I don’t remember why, but for some reason we wanted to learn how to actually tie a tie. We had no idea. So we did a little session in our little house up in Altamira, Tijuana, BC, Mexico until one of us actually made the first knot that vaguely resembled a tie knot. I mean, it was serious trial and error!

While I have been trying to educate myself over time (see the kind of cheesy videos here), I am no master at all and still looking for valuable advice. But today, I just realized that here’s one of the ties that somehow survived 12 years, travelling throughout the world, and made it back to this side of the Atlantic.

Actually, the tie came back into my mind, when I was watching Twin Peaks, the crazy-amazing series by David Lynch from the early 90s. One of the characters had one exactly like it. So here I am, how do you like it (through the lense of a funny self-shot)?